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Our Price: $48.00

          SS1 Safety Sign
          • Sign to be placed under basketbal units
          • Recommended for all winch raised baketball units
          • Aluminum, rounded corners
          • 305 mm X 37.9 mm (5/16") holes in each corner05 mm (12" X 12")
          • 7.9 mm (5/16") holes in each corner

            SS-1F French Signs also availabel- call 416-291-5545 for prices

          Prod. No. SS1 Safety Sign $48.00 Ea.

Our Price: $387.00

BB-49 PosilokTM Safety Belt
  • PosilokTM is engineered to be the best safety strap for basketball backstops and gymnasium curtains in the industry
  • Self Checking - checks the speed of the rotating reel 6 times per revolution and will lock if the trip speed is exceeded, under any condition
  • Fail-Safe - any failure of the checking mechanism will result in the immediate arrest of the reel
  • Manfactured and tested to exceed industry standards
  • Verified by independent laboratory testing
  • Faster Acting - 0.6 m per sec./1.5 ft per sec. trip speed under sudden free fall. Four times faster than other units
  • Maximum Travel Indicated - A warning label on the inner-end of the strap shows when the maximum safe extension of the strap has been reached
  • Visual Safety Indicator - Coloured breakaway indicator signals that the unit has operated under a falling load
  • Heavy Duty Strap - The advanced material and special weave of our load strap yields a much higher breaking strength 3311.2 kg/7,300 lbs
  • Installation Hardware - Captive screws and rod assembly designed for ease of installation
  • Stronger Clamping System - PosilokTM tension type clamps are stronger and eliminate bending and breakage. Tested to 4535.9 Kg/10,000 lbs
  • Versatile Mounting - Tension clamps can be mounted in 4 positions on 88.9 mm and 101.6 mm (3.5" and 4") O.D. pipes and at 90 degrees
  • Positive Recoil - Reel spring is 75% stronger than other units for positive recoil
  • Fully Supported - The strap reel utilizes two bearings to give maximum support under load. The proper suspension of the reel keeps the strap correctly aligned
  • Robust Steel Frame - Interlocking steel frame, tested to 10,000 lbs, ultimate load far exceeds the strength of the cast design
  • Automatic Reset - PosilokTM may be easily reset by simply retracting the load
  • Max. Weight of Suspended Load - 1,000 lbs /450 kg this is the maximum weight allowable at the point where the PosilokTM strap connects. (On an 1,800 lb backstop the weight at the point where the winch rope and the PosilokTM strap connect will usually be less than 1,000 lbs)
  • Load Type - Vertically suspended or pivoted load
  • Strap Breaking Strength - 3318 kg/7,300 lbs (the rest of the unit has a higher ultimate strength)
  • Strap Length/Width - 12.2 m/50.8 mm (40 feet/2") wide
  • Max. Allowable Strap Extension - 11.5 m/38 feet
  • Operating Principle - Fail safe, checking mechanical mechanism
  • Tripping Speed-Sudden Free Fall - 0.6 meters per sec./1.5 feet per sec.
  • Reset Action - Automatic on lifting the load approximately 1 in.
  • Factory Options - Powder coated colours/Strap length/Weight capacity
  • Shipping Weight 22 lbs

Prod. No. BB-49 PosilokTM Safety Belt $387.00 Ea.

Our Price: $576.00

    BB-48 Aut-O-Lok Safety Belt
    • Safety strap for basketball backstops and gymnasium curtains
    • The Aut-O-Lok 2 is housed in a robust, heat treated cast aluminum housing that provides ultimate structural integrity when catching even the heaviest loads
    • Sensing both speed and acceleration, the fail safe multi-pawl design actuates automatically and precisely when needed
    • Shipping Weight 20 lbs

    Prod. No. BB-48 Aut-O-Lok Safety Belt $576.00 Ea.