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Our Price: $75.00

WINCHHNDL Winch Handle
  • Winch handle to raise and lower height adjustable adapter framing

Prod. No. WINCHHNDL Winch Handle $75.00 Ea.

Our Price: $700.00

TW-700 Manual Winch 
  • Specifically designed to improve safety and convenience in manual winching applications
  • Maximum safe working load: 1000 lbs/450 Kg
  • Load type: Vertical lift
  • Rope type: 1/4"/6 mm 7 X 19 aircraft cable. Rope not supplied with winch
  • Rope travel: 25 feet/7.5 meters on one layer. A second layer, for 45 feet/13.5 meters total, may be wound if required. 
  • Rope speed: 1 turn of crank equals 0.44" of rope travel. (650 turns to wind in 25 feet) 
  • Gear reduction: Proprietary composite self lubricating gearing with no oil bath. 
  • Rope drum: Grooved for accurate winding. Supported in large diameter ball bearings and with positive, through the drum type rope anchoring. 
  • Braking: Double, self-locking worm gearing plus passive uni-directional brake. 
  • Frame construction: Precision interlocking steel frame for high rigidity and precise alignment. Semi enclosed for safety. Powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Crank handle position: Crank input is on bottom face of unit. Crank plugs in vertically. 
Warning: Not to be used for lifting people. Not to be used for lifting things overpeople without a safety locking device or automatic fall arrest system in place.
Unique anti-torque safety attachment prevents "kickback" dring operation. Designed with the safety of the operator in mind.
Prod. No. TW-700 Manual Winch    $700.00 Ea.
Our Price: $1,160.00

TW-2000 Torkwinch® Electric Winch 

The Torkwinch® TW-2000 is a definite purpose electric winch designed specifically for use on basketball backstop positioning applications. The winch was designed to set a new standard in terms of safety, simplicity of installation, space efficiency, attractive appearance and ease of use. This electric 1 HP/.75 KW winch will raise and lower any conventional basketball backstop from a wall swing-up type to all standard ceiling mounted units. This winch comes complete with key up-down switching and heavy duty limit switches controlling the raised and lowered positoions of the backstop.

  • The Torkwinch® TW-2000 is designed to lift an 1800 lb/820 kg backstop with a safety line stall pull of 2200 lbs/1000 kg at a speed of 12 feet/3.5 meters per minute on the first layer
  • The available cable travel is 25 feet/7.5 meters on 1 layer. A second layer, for 45 feet/13.5 meters total, may be wound on if required.
  • The cable drum is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum alloy and is directly supported at the cable winding diameter for maximum strength and rigidity. 
  • The drum is helically grooved for 1/4" 7X19 aircraft cable. The grooving provides proper spooling of the cable and ensures excellent repeatability of stop positions.
  • The drum is equipped with a pressure roller, with torsion spring tensioning, to ensure that the cable tracks in the grooves even under slack rope conditions.
  • The winch employs a double worm reduction system. Superior strength and life result from the extensive use of composite materials and no oil lubrication is required
  • The drum is supported in composite ball bearings to provide long life, smooth operation and no requirement for lubrication 
  • The Torkwinch® TW-2000 unique uni-directional worm brake, together with the inherently self-locking composite worm drive, assure positive dynamic braking and reliable holding of the cable drum
  • Readily adjustable upper and lower travel limit switches make the setting of the stop positions straight forward. A 3:1 speed increasing drive to the limit screw considerably increases the precision and repeatability of settings.
  • The Torkwinch® TW-2000 is driven by a 1 HP/.75 KW, low maximum current draw design, instant reverse torque motor, providing immediate direction reversing, and a 3 wire control system. Duty cycle is standard: 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off.
  • The Torkwinch®  TW-2000 motor is designed to stall at 18 amps and has an automatic thermal overload feature to protect the system against overload and misuse.
  • All main frame components are powder coated and all exposed sub-components are plated, for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Two rope exit ports and the absence of lubricating liquids allow a greater freedom of mounting orientation and cable layout.
  • The winch is compact and lightweight, at 64 lbs/29 kg for easier installation
  • The Torkwinch®  TW-2000 winch was designed and built in North America, and is fully patented 
Prod. No. TW-2000 Electric Winch    $1,160.00 Ea.         65 Lbs.
Our Price: $1,268.00

                QR4 LYNRUS Electric Winch
                • Designed to raise and lower basketball ceiling mounted units
                • 3/4 HP
                • 1250 pounds line pull at a speed of 9 ft/minute

                  Maintenance free operation

                  Remote receivers and controll systems available separately

                Prod. No.QR4LYNRUS Electric Winch $1,268.00 Ea.